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Kaiyuan Hotel Group participated in the 26th Hong Kong Travel Fair and held a special promotion 2012-06-20 09:00

Date: 2012-06-20

This is the New Century Hotel Group visit Hong Kong again after last year held a series of special marketing activities.Activities are divided into three parts, including participation in the 26th Hong Kong International Travel Expo and Business Incentive Travel Expo, held in Kaiyuan Hotel special promotion and visit important for Hong Kong customers.

Morning of the 14th, the 26th Hong Kong International Travel Expo and Business Incentive Travel Expo Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.Approximately 40 official pavilions and more than 600 from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East 50 countries and regions exhibitors, of which more than 80% from outside Hong Kong, exhibitors include Tourism Bureau, resorts, hotels, aviationcompany, theme parks, tourist attractions and travel agencies.Kaiyuan Hotel Group the largest private hotel group identity exhibitors, exhibition, Kaiyuan Hotel Group through a more spacious and elegant image of the booth, colorful promotional materials and multimedia video to exhibitors and the public display of their good image.Booth, the Kaiyuan Hotel Group stands billboard image 1E and 1C in the entrance hall, all participants admission badge more Kaiyuan Hotel Group as the sole sponsor of the corporate logo of the show, booth, billboards, Passthree complement each other, greatly enhance the SAR peer-to Kaiyuan brand image, attracting a large number of exhibitors and professional visitors came booth consulting, marketing director with the Kaiyuan Hotel have conducted good communication and negotiation, effective market reach the eventpromotion, branding initial purpose.

14 pm, followed by meetings in the exhibition hall at the 2012 A2 Kaiyuan Hotel Group, the Hong Kong special promotion shine.Due to multi-channel pre-Group Marketing actively invite, coupled with the hotel's serious, the participation Kaiyuan Hotel Group will promote Hong Kong's tourism community of more than 100 peers, according to the organizers revealed that the show is held outside speaking engagements in addition to participation in the opening ceremonythe largest number in a keynote speech.

Participating companies include Hong Kong China Travel Service Hong Kong Ltd. Huamin scheduled, Westminster Travel Company, the Hong Kong Tourism Co., Dragonair Holidays, Jetour more than 100 other medium-sized travel agencies, but also attracted some media, such as TTG, the South Metropolitannewspaper, Discover world, etc.;, and government agencies such as the National Tourism Administration of Hong Kong and Macao Tourism Division, on behalf of Henan Tourism Bureau, Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau representatives attended the promotion activities.Promote the meeting, Kaiyuan Hotel Group Marketing Director Yin Qianyuan first briefed the guests on Kaiyuan Hotel Group's rapid development in recent years, as well as Group brands, products and achieved fruitful results, as well as the Group's overall development strategy, the hotel layout, brand characteristicsespecially introduced Kaiyuan Hotel in Hong Kong market expansion strategy.Yin Director, said: "New Century will be 'the most sincere attitude, the most preferential policies, the most extensive areas of' win-win cooperation with the Hong Kong industry, and welcomed industry Kaiyuan Hotel come visit." Got enthusiastic participantsresponse.Subsequently, the Kaiyuan Hotel Group Guangzhou Office Sales Director Wang Jian introduction explains Kaiyuan Hotel Group for the South China market, especially the Hong Kong market launch of the preferential market policies.Marketing Director of each hotel room is with coupons and gifts with local characteristics, on the one hand a lively publicity for the hotel, on the other hand through the lottery form so that guests experience a Hong Kong version of the "very enjoyable."The entire seminar was packed, representatives from the Hong Kong Tourism sectors have expressed on Kaiyuan Hotel recognition and praise, the atmosphere was very active.

The next few days, each hotel marketing director, with all participating travel agencies and tourism industry of the various relevant agencies and brand for the market to negotiate, and through the analysis of customer lists, selected travel agents more power directly to customers come to visit, allwill be directly signed a cooperation agreement.