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Yangzhou, Jiangsu, the elegance is just right

Date: 2021-09-16

The land of Yangzhou has both the poetry and picturesqueness of ancient poems and the prosperous fireworks of the human world. The elegance of the people of Yangzhou is immersed in the poetry garden culture, immersed in the street fireworks, and the result is just right.

Cultural heritage

Along the ancient canal, there are cultural monuments along the way, the Wudaotai Mansion, the largest Zhejiang style building complex in Jiangsu Province, and the former residence of Xue Fucheng in Wuxi and the former residence of Hu Xueyan in Hangzhou. Matouqiang takes you to appreciate the prosperity of the year. The most complete personal library in our country exists in the house. The "Four Masters of Wu Family" in Yangzhou is a good story for a while.

The former residence of Zhu Ziqing allows you to revisit the classics and feel the depth of father's love in the background.

Knocking on the door knocker and pushing open the courtyard door, as if seeing the characters and stories in the book, slowly walking towards you, telling a piece of history you never knew.

In everyone's heart, there is a Yangzhou dream, which is hidden in the misty rain of painted bridges and pavilions.

The beauty of the garden

The gardens of Yangzhou come from the poems, there are scenery in the poems, the scenery in the scenery shows the meaning, the poems and the scenery are brilliant, and the charm of the south of the Yangtze River is smeared. Shaking the boat, singing the jasmine minor tune, on the clear waves, crossing the Wuting Bridge, why not love Jiangnan? In "Six Chapters of a Floating Life", Shen Fu praised the Slender West Lake for "fantastic fantasy, natural decoration, namely Langyuan Yaochi, forgive me for that."

Under the eaves of the bananas, you can see the green eyes on sunny days, and you can listen to the sound of tick rain on rainy days. The small fish in the pond shake at will. The water lilies are blooming.

Take a look at the waterside stage of the ancient house compound. What wonderful stories have been staged?

Four Seasons Flower Letter

In January, the plum blossoms from the plum forest of the Slender West Lake bring spring letters. In February, the winter jasmine flowers on the shore of Xiaoqinhuai are swaying in the wind. In March, I will go to see the century-old magnolia.

In April, you will inadvertently meet the Qionghua that enchants Han Qi and Emperor Sui Yang. In May, go to the Slender West Lake to see peony and listen to the story of the "four-phase hairpin flower". In June, go to the lotus pond to see it. Lotus in the pool.

In July, the crape myrtle blooms in full bloom. In August, I go to Tianning Temple to find the first scent of cinnamon. In September, the chrysanthemum exhibition of Slender West Lake is waiting for you. Camellia blooms in the cold wind, winter plum blooms in the snow in December, no matter when you come to Yangzhou, there is a flower affair waiting for you.

Ancient city woman

There are different winds in Shili and different flavors in Baili. Each city has formed a unique temperament and flavor due to the difference in history, region, and climate. People who slowly live in this city also have the imprint of the city. Although the women in the ancient city are not as fashionable and exquisite as the women in the magic capital, and the women in Beijing are bold and generous, the women in Chengdu are aggressive and capable, but she brings her own , Soaked in the fragrance of Qionghua, drinking the water of the ancient canal and growing up, they are naturally inclusive of everything like water. They are kind and pleasant, but they have the tenacity of dripping stones in their hearts, and they continue to grow together with this city.

"Smile and beautiful, look forward to beautiful eyes." Those women in Yangzhou Yu Shijing.

A city of poetry

"Wrap around one hundred thousand bucks and ride a crane to Yangzhou" Since ancient times, "Fireworks under Yangzhou in March" has become everyone's spring wish. Du Mu here "a dream of Yangzhou in ten years", Zhang Hu even more bluntly said "life is only for Yangzhou to die."

There are too many elegant stories in Yangzhou. The four-phase hairpin flower, the Nanke Yimeng, the twenty-four bridges and the moonlit night, scattered the poetry of a city.

City study

The bookstore of a city is like the cultural beacon of this city, guiding and illuminating everyone in this city. There are more lighthouses and more light, which naturally changes the temperament and temperature of the city, the streets and lanes of Yangzhou. Scattered city study rooms are infiltrating this ancient cultural city with the fragrance of books.

Maugham said, “Reading is a refuge that you can carry with you.” How many people find a broader spiritual world in reading, allowing the breadth of life to extend infinitely.

You have poems and books in your belly. Reading too many books will show you in your eyes, tone, and posture. It naturally enhances a person's temperament, exuding confidence, bravery, calmness, and humor like a beam of light. Illuminate the people around you. Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles will always be a teenager.