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Panzhihua create the sun Kang Yang vacation destinations in 2020 to achieve one hundred billion investment in tourism

Date: 2013-08-06

The author learned from relevant departments in Sichuan, Sichuan Panzhihua Panzhihua City Tourism Bureau under the municipal government to develop a "create China Sunshine Health care tourism city" development goals, beginning an initial year's total tourism income of 9.0 billion. Years, according to the tourism development of good posture, adjust the total tourism revenue of 96 billion yuan, the goal of 10 billion yuan, an increase of 44% or more; 2015 and strive to achieve total tourism income of 200 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 54 percent, into the province's tourism development of multi-point multi-polar third tier cities; fully completed in 2018 as the country's leading health care sunny vacation destination.

As closely around the sun to create China tourist city health care objectives, recently, Panzhihua City Tourism Bureau to study and formulate specific measures to build boutique scenic spots, build quality tourist routes, the development of tourism products, to create the "Sunshine Flower Kang Yang Resort "Urban tourism new image, to build the country's leading health care casual sun vacation destination, to achieve the city's tourism development goals.

(A) Zhuchaoyinfeng grasping investment, vigorously the introduction of well-known enterprises and famous brands tourism. Panzhihua City will adhere to the investment work to promote the development of tourism as a priority, according to "attracting large and strong, along the chain introduced a cluster development" strategy to achieve big tourism, investment, great service. According to Yang Kang sunshine tourism industry development direction, focusing on key areas, key construction projects, screening and introduced a number of key investment projects, the formation of reserve a number, talk group, started a group, the construction group, the introduction of a number of "Five" tourism project investment and construction pattern. Reserves project mainly doing big tourist area of Montenegro, greener Long azalea flowers and other tourism projects scenic reserve in 2020, the reserve project investment amounting to 50 billion yuan; talking about the project will actively contribute to Dali, Lijiang's intention to invest providers to climb, to discuss cooperation; projects will grasp the narrow village project, the sea a Flow international projects Juque Yan cultural tourism projects, and strive to start before the end of the year; projects under construction will focus on the red cell, A summer of , Puda other major projects; introduction of the project will focus on the Lake Tourism Development Project Ertan investment work around the outdoor mountain sports and water-based leisure vacation destinations grasp large projects and special projects and strive to introduce some construction . At the same time, but also contributed in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places organized tourism project promotion meeting with internationally renowned companies, brands reached cooperation projects, the focus is Australia de Weir Group and West Hope Group, Yangcheng Gimhae travel company and other cooperation projects, Miyi Kingdom and Hong Kong Cultural Entertainment Limited moving eggs cooperation projects, Yanbian four-wheel drive with the Hong Kong Federation of elite outdoor sporting events projects. Through strong investment work in 2020 reached one hundred billion yuan of tourism investment objectives.

(Two) great grasp of project supervision, construction quality tourist attractions. Around the city's eight major tourism industry projects group, Panzhihua City will strengthen the coordination of services to promote the project ground to build as planned. Will hold regular coordination meetings of procedure to study the development project to promote measures to increase performance evaluation, supervision and accountability efforts to form Qizhua build create, full global public push the work. This year, the red grid hot spring resort, initially built and the formation of reception capacity; A Department of flower dance world tourist area, complete cultural tourism characteristics of neighborhoods and floral orchard area a building; Puda Kang Yang Sun International Tourism Zone, resettlement housing starts building and developing the roads and bridges, flowers landscape, water park construction; Tongzilin landscape leisure tourist area, the completion of the project planning, preparation and assessment, land acquisition, resettlement and compensation policy formulation and implementation of land for construction in batches, finish phosphorus plants waste site programming and assessment process, start land acquisition, resettlement housing and infrastructure construction partially submerged areas; Jinsha center section along with the landscape, construction Sands Park, along the pedestrian system, strip and the ferry bridge to Two Rivers Park Interchange 16 km within the viewing area landscaping, lighting engineering; m Yi Longtan scenic cave dragon culture, complete the overall planning area, including the cave cave tour road and lighting renovation plan and strive to start the renovation project; Second Beach Resort, complete "Second Beach Lakes tourism development master plan and conceptual vantage points flood plan" to promote investment work planning projects and start viewing points Ertan flood investment work. By accelerating the construction of major projects the city's tourism efforts, the formation stages reception capacity.

(Three) to shape a new image of tourism, strengthening promotion and marketing work. In "Happy Sunshine Day" as a platform, through private entrepreneurs ball tournament, silver-haired old golden sun line, Panzhihua Beautiful Countryside theme activities, and vigorously promote the "Sunshine Flower Kang Yang resort" city tourism brand image, to further expand the visibility of the city and influence. At the same time, continue to consolidate the Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou Chongqing traditional source markets, and actively expand the North, Northeast and other source markets, with significant enhancement of special activities as the carrier Panzhihua tourism appeal to all kinds of exhibition as a carrier, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

(Four) to promote tourism standardization, enhance tourism development momentum. Accordance with the "standardization of tourism" work objectives and eliminate some of backward production capacity, to solve the tourism elements uncoordinated, uncoordinated issues such as industrial development, and promote the tourism industry coordination between the various elements of the development efforts to enhance the tourism development of endogenous motivation. A good star rating organization and implementation of assessment, and strengthen the tourism-related business, service, management guidance, increase tourism practitioners training, held throughout the year more than 40 types of training, training more than 3,000 people, grasp Travel integrity services, tourism style construction, optimize the tourism market environment.

(Five) to promote the great development of industry, tourism revenue goals. According Panzhihua tourism revenue trend over the years, the first half of the tourist season this year, but also by the large environmental and policy factors such as economic impact, but the city's tourism income is still on schedule to reach 45 billion yuan, more than half the time, tasks, more than half, to achieve the beginning of the year ensure that the target of tourism revenue. The second half will be the city's tourist season, especially in the winter sunshine Panzhihua tourism products already in the surrounding area have a certain reputation, Panzhihua City tourism enterprises to carry out in-depth research, accurately grasp the situation formats, study and formulate supporting policies, implementing strong marketing initiatives, The sun Kang raise brand well, bigger, stronger, that the annual total tourism income of 9.6 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan target goal.