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Kaiyuan Hotel combined together cost way to buy non-opening weekend hotel market depth

Date: 2013-05-20

"Now weekends, holidays, too many people go out and play! You look at the last 51 small holiday, crowded people is too hard! Really do not know is that in the end is to travel to relax or spend money to be punished!"As a freelance writer Wang told reporters that he did not recognized by a lot of people keen on weekends, holidays, get together and travel, because she thinks that is a tour of this relaxing and enjoying life thing, and not for tourismAnd walking through a field of tourism.So Wang said he prefer to go out in a non-tourist outing weekends, so she hopes businesses can also be for non-weekend sessions, introduce some relatively large strength of the preferential activity.

In fact, such as Wang freelancers groups, their working hours are generally more casual, not like an ordinary office worker as living a "nine to five" Clockwork life, but in today's society, freelancemore and more people, they generally have a higher quality of life the pursuit of standards, so they are presented to the market is also growing demand for enterprise businesses, this population growth, is also a resource for themdeployment of a series of new requirements proposed standard.

As Wang is considering to non-Weekend Special activities, there are already a lot of businesses have been related to aspects of the work being done to the nation's largest high-star hotel group Kaiyuan Hotel Group, for example, on the very market-oriented resource allocation of multiple.Kaiyuan Hotel Group in ensuring the weekends, holidays, and other resources into the market season, but also has continued to further open up non-weekend sessions hotel market, using its own resources of the Group, and guide non-weekend consumption, and launched a series of special combination products.

According to the reporter, recently Kaiyuan Hotel Group on a joint together cost buy brand in the May 20 to May 26 launch of non-weekend theme group activities, hotel only 308 yuan a minimum experience of groupe purchase,'s Lake in Hangzhou New Century Resort,Jinchang New Century Hotel Shaoxing, Ninghaijinhai New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou Longting New Century Grand Hotel Mercure Hotel Deqing Kaiyuan Mann and other six members of the hotel to participate in joint enrolled Taobao together costbuy brand's new non-weekend theme group activities, hotel experience groupe purchase only 308 yuan a minimum, users can enjoy traveling through the activities of enjoy one-stop service.

Also Kaiyuan Hotel Group also participated together cost of the "most-favored-minute" activities, including New Century Hotel Tianjin Rui Bay, New Century Hotel Taizhou, Zhejiang Sanli New Century Grand Hotel, including a five Kaiyuan Hotel, took out10 only worth $ 1 Super Special Housing vouchers, non-Weekend Special flagship product, users simply May 20 to May 24 to participate in the activities you can participate in a $ 1 a day 2 Kaiyuan Hotel Room CouponsThe whole point of spike activity, and fortunate enough to spike successful friends, in May 20 to June 30 period arbitrary non weekend to go to the hotel consumption can be.

Kaiyuan Hotel Group, as one of the earliest providers involved in hydro-star hotel brands, currently in the field of electronic business's influence has also made considerable synergistic.Currently on the market for the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, Kaiyuan Hotel Group began for the market to develop detailed customer segmentation scheme, the joint Taobao together cost buy activities focused on creating non-weekend, non-weekend hotel was opened in-depth marketone important measure, I believe that with continued follow-up to carry out a variety of related activities, Kaiyuan Hotel Group's brand influence also want to get a greater increase.