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Kaiyuan Hotel Group microblogging end GIVEAWAY involved nearly 30,000 users

Date: 2013-02-01

In recent days, the largest microblogging collective topic is about spring, buy a ticket, the New Year back home, home for the holiday can be said that the Chinese people for thousands of years of tradition and constant dedication.Recently, the Kaiyuan Hotel Group launched its official microblogging annual Thanksgiving activities, drying Year wishes, sent free festive spree, January 27 to January 31 forwarding activities nearly 30,000 participants, triggering praise continually, activities are alsoOne day coming to an end, but the number of participants continues to rise.

New Year back home before the reunion, will inevitably have to prepare a variety of New Year, not only to make over there, "festive", but also to look at small token of filial piety to their parents, but often difficult to withdraw at the end of complicated things, preparation stockinghas become a vexing problem, for which New Century Hotel Group specially prepared New Year wishes to enjoy free sun festive spree activities and the theme of the event is "Let Love Kaiyuan home New Year blessing" in the majority ofConsumers love, trust Kaiyuan hotel brand based on Kaiyuan Hotel Group in order to maintain the country's largest hotel group forefront of China, around the festival for consumer feedback, the Kaiyuan people seem proper action.

During the event where attention and @ Events Hotels, send to family or friends New Year's blessing, that have access to Kaiyuan Hotel festive spree 1.Kaiyuan Hotel Group, a joint subsidiary New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, Zhejiang Sanli New Century Grand Hotel Changchun New Century Grand Hotel Xuzhou New Century Grand Hotel Dayu Kaiyuan, Ningbo New Century Hotel New Century Grand NinghaijinhaiHotel New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo, Ninghai New Century Hotel, Beijing Gehua New Century Hotel Jinchang New Century Hotel Shaoxing, Taizhou New Century Hotel New Century Hotel Dingye other 13 members of the hotel prepared a thoughtful stocking gift,a variety of ingredients, dried fruits, seafood and so forth, more "Sweetheart Sweetie" Valentine's exclusive double package, we will let friends and family feel the Kaiyuan Hotel in the New Year bring cozy warmth.

Kaiyuan Hotel Group General Manager's Office, the official said, has been Kaiyuan Hotel Group are promoting allows guests to experience consistent quality Kaiyuan, Kaiyuan enjoy ardent intimate, caring and sincere customer care, caring staff and caring society.The true meaning of microblogging open a window, Kaiyuan Hotel through this window, with the audience favorite way to communicate, let the audience feel close Kaiyuan care microblogging Kaiyuan Hotel Group has also become an important safeguard guests emotionplatform.

During the event, Kaiyuan Hotel Group, a portal in the country's official media rapid growth in the number of micro-Bo fans, until now, has exceeded 61,000 fans, microblogging activity also ranked forefront of the industry.Kaiyuan Hotel Group official micro-Bo also put the theme of "Congratulations New Year, Chi Cheung Hannaford" New Year new clothes, with everyone ready to greet the New Year.